Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pushy lesbian is pushy

Guys, for those of you pretending to be lesbians on the internet, it's helpful to remember that real lesbians can take "no" for an answer.

[11:29] Tyller Ah: wanna have some fun? You look hot
[11:29] Amanda Amaterasu: Sure
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Oh wait
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I didn't see your av
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I only have sex with men
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Sorry
[11:30] Tyller Ah: ts, hot girls are always so hetero
[11:30] Tyller Ah: Ever tried to discover your female siede
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I can't help it, I was born that way!
[11:31] Amanda Amaterasu: I've tried it. Lesbianism is not for me, but I have nothing against lesbians. Have fun.
[11:31] Tyller Ah: Men beg to fuck with me
[11:31] Amanda Amaterasu: That's nice
[11:31] Tyller Ah: yes, But I look up my own guys.
[11:32] Tyller Ah: But I prefer girls. And I don't take everybody
[11:32] Amanda Amaterasu nods
[11:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, have fun!
[11:32] Tyller Ah: Well, I think, you would have been my fun for today.
[11:32] Tyller Ah: New day, new chance
[11:32] Tyller Ah: So I'll leave for today
[11:33] Amanda Amaterasu: Bye!


Ben Vanguard said...

I do love your concept :-)

Amanda Amaterasu said...

Thanks Ben! Let me just state for the record that I direct many a man to you blog. =)

Ben Vanguard said...

Awww, thank you!!!!