Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little darlin'

[18:21] BlueJay Way: hello darling
[18:21] Amanda Amaterasu: Who's darling?
[18:21] BlueJay Way: my haha
[18:22] Amanda Amaterasu: Your haha?
[18:22] Amanda Amaterasu is quite confused.
[18:22] BlueJay Way: lol
[18:22] BlueJay Way: but you have a nice dress
[18:23] Amanda Amaterasu: Thank you
[18:23] BlueJay Way: very sexy
[18:23] Amanda Amaterasu: Thank you
[18:23] BlueJay Way: were do you come from?
[18:23] Amanda Amaterasu: Second Life
[18:23] BlueJay Way: haha
[18:24] BlueJay Way: mmm I like your dance
[18:24] BlueJay Way: it makes me hot
[18:24] Amanda Amaterasu: It's not a dance, it's my animation override
[18:25] BlueJay Way: do you like play with me?
[18:25] Amanda Amaterasu: I prefer men who approach me fully clothed, even in a sex room, but thanks anyway.
[18:26] BlueJay Way: what are you do ther?
[18:26] BlueJay Way: here
[18:26] BlueJay Way: only looking cock?
[18:27] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, this may be a "free sex" room, but I like men who show a bit of pride and class
[18:27] Amanda Amaterasu: Men who run around with their cocks out, in my experience, aren't very interesting or skilled lovers
[18:28] BlueJay Way: I don`t knoww another rooms
[18:28] Amanda Amaterasu: I see you're fairly new... what else have you done in SL?
[18:28] BlueJay Way: my dutch room
[18:29] Amanda Amaterasu: You have a dutch room?
[18:29] BlueJay Way: and looking for some cloths
[18:29] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, yes, I see you haven't really found any
[18:29] BlueJay Way: yes i litty
[18:30] BlueJay Way: but i go
[18:30] BlueJay Way: have fun
[18:30] BlueJay Way: bye
[18:30] Amanda Amaterasu: You too!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turning Japanese

I always manage to pick alts with ethnic surnames. I suppose I do this as a corrective to make up for my RL WASP sounding name which doesn't match my RL appearance. Now, what tends to happen is that newbies from the country of origin of my chosen surname seem to think that I am one of them, leading to much confusion. Especially when the newbie in question picks a name that does not reflect their ethnic heritage at all.

[11:33] Marcus Dancer: Hi
[11:33] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello
[11:34] Marcus Dancer: Your costume is cute.
[11:34] Amanda Amaterasu: It's not a costume, but thanks
[11:34] Marcus Dancer: I'm Japanese.
[11:34] Amanda Amaterasu: OK
[11:35] Marcus Dancer: I am doing SecondLife after a long time.
[11:35] Marcus Dancer: You often come here?
[11:36] Amanda Amaterasu: To this room or to SL?
[11:36] Marcus Dancer: This room.
[11:36] Amanda Amaterasu: Not really, unless I'm really bored
[11:36] Amanda Amaterasu laughs
[11:37] Marcus Dancer: You are Spanish?
(this particular alt has a Spanish surname)
[11:37] Amanda Amaterasu: No, American
[11:38] Marcus Dancer: I want to play vertual sex with you......
[11:38] Amanda Amaterasu: No thanks
[11:39] Marcus Dancer: Sorry.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lost in translation

[11:39] Closer Sideways: salut
[11:39] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello, how are you?
[11:39] Closer Sideways: fine and u
[11:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Fine, thanks
[11:40] Closer Sideways: were are u from
[11:40] Amanda Amaterasu: A place where we read profiles and write out the word "you".
[11:41] Closer Sideways: me i'm a visitor for wich u tel me
[11:41] Amanda Amaterasu: OK
[11:41] Closer Sideways: my name is fethi and u
[11:41] Amanda Amaterasu: As far as you're concerned, it's Amanda.
[11:41] Amanda Amaterasu: It's rude to ask for real names here.
[11:41] Closer Sideways: glad to meet u
[11:42] Closer Sideways: i speak french little
[11:42] Amanda Amaterasu: I only speak English
[11:42] Closer Sideways: so i speak english little , i wana said
[11:42] Closer Sideways: but my language is french
[11:43] Amanda Amaterasu nods
[11:43] Amanda Amaterasu: My only language is English.
[11:43] Closer Sideways: but , said me what do u work here
[11:43] Amanda Amaterasu: I don't work in SL
[11:44] Closer Sideways: no , i talk u make .?
[11:44] Amanda Amaterasu: Like I said, I don't work in SL
[11:44] Closer Sideways: ok follow me please i like to sit and to talk to u
[11:44] Closer Sideways: okay ?
[11:44] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[11:45] Closer Sideways: i wait u
[11:45] Amanda Amaterasu: You'll be waiting for a long time
[11:46] Closer Sideways: why ?
[11:46] Amanda Amaterasu: Because you ask nosy questions.
[11:46] Amanda Amaterasu: This is Second Life, don't ask for my real name.
[11:47] Closer Sideways: okay
[11:47] Closer Sideways: i dn't like to disturb u sorry

OK, in retrospect, perhaps I was a bit harsh on Closer. But really, why ask for real names within the first few moments of conversation?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just remember all caps when you speak the name

[10:13] ALLO Capital: HI
[10:13] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello
[10:13] ALLO Capital: SPANISH?
[10:14] Amanda Amaterasu: No, I'm American.
[10:14] ALLO Capital: OKI
[10:14] Amanda Amaterasu: Why are you typing in all caps?
[10:14] ALLO Capital: SEX YOU MI HAUSE?
[10:14] ALLO Capital: MU
[10:14] Amanda Amaterasu: Why are you typing in all caps?
[10:14] Amanda Amaterasu: That's been considered yelling on the internet since at least 1996.
[10:15] ALLO Capital: ?
[10:16] ALLO Capital: baby, do you come with me to my house¿?
[10:16] ALLO Capital: baby, do you come with me to my house¿?
[10:16] Amanda Amaterasu: My name isn't baby.
[10:16] ALLO Capital: AMANDLA baby, do you come with me to my house¿?
[10:16] Amanda Amaterasu: My name isn't Amandla, and I don't go places with people who yell
[10:17] ALLO Capital: OK
[10:17] ALLO Capital: BYE
[10:18] Amanda Amaterasu: Bye, and stop yelling at people.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dressing for success

I was talking to a group member** the other day about the best way for those of us of the female persuasion to dress for the orgy rooms to maximize the amount of IMs received. Here's what I've found, via my many visits and experiments:

1) Having a completely default avatar can work with a new alt. You'll be sure to get plenty of "you're new around here, let me show you around baby" IMs. However, if you've been around the SL block a few times on a particular account, you'll likely be ignored as guys will assume you're one of them.

2) Save the Paper Couture for the ballrooms- orgy roomers won't talk to you if you're too dressed up. Most of them find glamazons to be intimidating.

3) Avoid obvious slutwear and bling- this is the uniform of cheap escorts. Nothing turns an orgy roomer off more than the idea of having to pay for sex.

4) Do wear a cute, flippy skirt- preferably a kilt or A-line skirt. I found some very cute skirts at Dutch Touch that orgy room guys seem to find irresistable.

5) If you've got a school girl uniform, wear it.

6) My group member tells me Ugg-style boots are good. I do not own Uggs, but leg warmers with sneakers or flat shoes seem to work just as well.

7) High heels are always a good bet if they're well crafted.

8) Nude or topless can work, but tends to attract the type of guy who is unable to carry on a conversation in any language. Unless you're prepared to deal with that type of attention, it's probably best to avoid that look.

9) When all else fails, be a neko.

For those of you who go to orgy rooms for the lulz, what do you wear to attract attention?

** There's a group for this blog? Yes! Just search "Men Behaving Badly" in groups and join! Or search me, Amanda Amaterasu... and join the group! I swear I won't spam you!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pushy lesbian is pushy

Guys, for those of you pretending to be lesbians on the internet, it's helpful to remember that real lesbians can take "no" for an answer.

[11:29] Tyller Ah: wanna have some fun? You look hot
[11:29] Amanda Amaterasu: Sure
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Oh wait
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I didn't see your av
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I only have sex with men
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Sorry
[11:30] Tyller Ah: ts, hot girls are always so hetero
[11:30] Tyller Ah: Ever tried to discover your female siede
[11:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I can't help it, I was born that way!
[11:31] Amanda Amaterasu: I've tried it. Lesbianism is not for me, but I have nothing against lesbians. Have fun.
[11:31] Tyller Ah: Men beg to fuck with me
[11:31] Amanda Amaterasu: That's nice
[11:31] Tyller Ah: yes, But I look up my own guys.
[11:32] Tyller Ah: But I prefer girls. And I don't take everybody
[11:32] Amanda Amaterasu nods
[11:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, have fun!
[11:32] Tyller Ah: Well, I think, you would have been my fun for today.
[11:32] Tyller Ah: New day, new chance
[11:32] Tyller Ah: So I'll leave for today
[11:33] Amanda Amaterasu: Bye!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

No, you're never gonna get it.

Full disclosure time: I have an alt who appears to be more... available than others. I don't take noobishness from anyone regardless of which guise I appear in when I'm at an orgy room. However, I am prepared to deal with the more direct requests and comments that I get when I'm on this particular alt.

[9:24] Slipknot Childsplay: hey how would you like a nice cock in your tight wet pussy?
[9:24] Slipknot Childsplay: Or maybe you just like to have it in your mouth?
[9:24] Amanda Amaterasu: Did you read my profile?
[9:25] Slipknot Childsplay: yes
[9:25] Amanda Amaterasu: Good
[9:25] Slipknot Childsplay: uh so...........
[9:26] Amanda Amaterasu: So where's your AO? And, by the way, your shoes are missing.
[9:27] Slipknot Childsplay: i dont need an ao to make u fuckin scream
[9:27] Amanda Amaterasu: I like men who pay attention to detail.
[9:28] Amanda Amaterasu: The fact that you're wearing a shoe base without shoes, lack an AO, and think that "you" is spelled "u" shows me that you do not pay attention to detail.
[9:29] Slipknot Childsplay: u dont need detail to get ure pussy wet
[9:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Yes, I do
[9:30] Slipknot Childsplay: u dont need to b fuck by a god or sumpin
[9:31] Slipknot Childsplay: u cant handle what i pac in my punch
[9:31] Amanda Amaterasu: Um.
[9:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Can you please type properly?
[9:32] Slipknot Childsplay: ill rip u apart in one push
[9:32] Slipknot Childsplay: bitch
[9:32] Amanda Amaterasu: No offense, but have you ever had sex before? I won't judge you if you haven't.
[9:33] Slipknot Childsplay: ha i cant remember the times ive had so much
[9:33] Amanda Amaterasu: I'll take that as a no.
[9:33] Amanda Amaterasu smiles
[9:33] Slipknot Childsplay: eyr xs
[9:33] Slipknot Childsplay: ndu
[9:34] Slipknot Childsplay: da
[9:36] Slipknot Childsplay: u cant handle
[9:37] Amanda Amaterasu: You're right, I can't handle your poor spelling and grammar. That's one of the reasons we're not going to fuck.
[9:38] Slipknot Childsplay: go fuck ureself cause thats the only dick ure gonna get plastic
[9:40] Amanda Amaterasu: A plastic dick would satisfy me better than you.
[9:40] Amanda Amaterasu: So thanks!
[9:41] Slipknot Childsplay: fuck of
[9:41] Amanda Amaterasu thinks you meant to say "Fuck off."
[9:41] Amanda Amaterasu: "Fuck of" doesn't make sense.
[9:42] Amanda Amaterasu: If you were in school like you're supposed to be right now, you would know that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


[10:19] BadTypist Untie: hi
[10:20] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello BadTypist, how are you?
[10:20] BadTypist Untie: greay
[10:20] BadTypist Untie: great
[10:20] BadTypist Untie: n u
[10:20] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm sorry?
[10:20] Amanda Amaterasu: "n u"?
[10:21] BadTypist Untie: and you
[10:21] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thank you.
[10:21] BadTypist Untie: im trying this out 4 da first time wannz
[10:22] BadTypist Untie: a jion me
[10:23] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm sorry, but I don't understand you

I should note that BadTypist's profile stated, quite clearly, "NO RL", then proceeded to describe himself and give out several e-mail addresses.