Wednesday, October 22, 2008


There are certain things that just must be documented.

[10:36] strangelover Oh: hi
[10:37] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello
[10:37] strangelover Oh: u r looking so sexy in this outfit
[10:37] strangelover Oh: ur breast r attracting a log
[10:37] Amanda Amaterasu: What?
[10:38] strangelover Oh: i mean ur breasts r attracting me
[10:38] strangelover Oh: do u have same size in RL
[10:39] Amanda Amaterasu: That's none of your business
[10:39] strangelover Oh: k
[10:39] strangelover Oh: from where u r?
[10:39] Amanda Amaterasu: A place where we spell out words like "you" and "are"
[10:40] strangelover Oh: hhhh
[10:40] strangelover Oh: okay
[10:40] strangelover Oh: you are from which place?
[10:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Earth
[10:40] strangelover Oh: hhh
[10:41] strangelover Oh: you use your brain a lot...
[10:41] Amanda Amaterasu: I think that's a positive attribute, don't you use your brain?
[10:41] strangelover Oh: me yes, but not in silly things
[10:42] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, I like men who use their brains
[10:42] strangelover Oh: hmmm, it means we could be friends
[10:43] Amanda Amaterasu: Could we?
[10:43] strangelover Oh: i supose not after talking to u , but every thing is possible in this place earth...
[10:44] Amanda Amaterasu: Yes, there are endless possibilities here
[10:44] strangelover Oh: ya

A little while later, in open chat... (names unchanged)

[10:50] Moesha Burner: uuuuuuuhhhhh gooooooood
[10:50] Moesha Burner: suck my breast baby!!
[10:51] Sir Udimo: yeah
[10:51] Moesha Burner: oh your fingers.....
[10:51] Sir Udimo: you r nice
[10:51] Sir Udimo: you r so thight!
[10:51] Sir Udimo: and wet
[10:51] Moesha Burner: uau...i´m wet!
[10:52] Sir Udimo: you r my fuckbuddy!
[10:52] Moesha Burner: yesss....pleasee..i wanna your dick babe
[10:52] Moesha Burner: come in...fuck me pleeeasse
[10:52] Sir Udimo: you can have it
[10:53] Moesha Burner: come on babe;;;;;
[10:54] Moesha Burner: ohhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy
[10:54] Moesha Burner: yesssss
[10:54] Moesha Burner: fuckk meee
[10:54] Moesha Burner: so deeppp
[10:55] Moesha Burner: oh sir....your biigg dicjjjj
[10:55] Moesha Burner: you´lll kill meeeeeeeeeee
[10:58] Moesha Burner: yess sirr...yess...ip´m cuumming
[10:58] Moesha Burner: aaaahhhhhhhhhh
[10:58] Moesha Burner: aaaaahhhh i´m cumming.....
[10:58] Moesha Burner: yessss fuck me for hourrssss
[10:59] Moesha Burner: ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[11:00] Moesha Burner: i can´t anymooooooreee siirr
[11:00] Moesha Burner: pleasseee

Where the hell did Sir Udimo go? Yes, I know it was likely he was jerking off without typing a thing, but I'm imaginging he was making a sandwich in real life while Moesha oooed and aaahed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conversations with a naked man

I apologize to anyone who's been following this blog and expected more posts. I expected more posts too, to be honest. A combination of factors happened: real life getting in the way, and some very non-post worthy conversations when I'm actually able to get into an orgy room. (Him: hi. Me: Hello. Him: u wanna have sum fun? Me: No. Him: kthxbye) Luckily, I had a few moments today to pop in, and someone found me. Specifically, a naked man in a ill-fitted prim hair wearing a freebie penis that didn't even remotely match his BIAB skin.

[8:52] Sharebear Watson: hi
[8:52] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello
[8:52] Sharebear Watson: whats up
[8:52] Amanda Amaterasu: Not much
[8:53] Sharebear Watson: nice dress
[8:53] Amanda Amaterasu: Thanks... wearing clothes is a good thing
[8:53] Sharebear Watson: so is being naked
[8:54] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, it helps to look good naked
[8:54] Amanda Amaterasu smiles at you
[8:55] Sharebear Watson: sorry i jut woke up
[8:55] Amanda Amaterasu: Ah
[8:55] Sharebear Watson: morning hard on
[8:56] Amanda Amaterasu: Except your penis isn't hard... at least not from what I can tell
[8:56] Sharebear Watson: it is in rl
[8:56] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm sure it is
[8:58] Sharebear Watson: are you a girl?
[8:58] Amanda Amaterasu: Last time I checked, I'm female. Are you?
[8:58] Sharebear Watson: male
[8:59] Amanda Amaterasu smiles and notes it's only fair to question your RL gender if you question hers.
[8:59] Sharebear Watson: you like to watch
[9:00] Amanda Amaterasu: This place is always good for a few chuckles
[9:00] Sharebear Watson: i like watching people fuvk to
[9:01] Amanda Amaterasu: I think we like watching for entirely different reasons
[9:01] Amanda Amaterasu: Watching two noobs go at it going "mmmmmm ooooooo" isn't erotic, but it sure is funny
[9:01] Sharebear Watson: perhaps
[9:01] Amanda Amaterasu: But hey, if that excites you, I won't judge
[9:02] Sharebear Watson: no i like watching people fuck in rl
[9:02] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, that's your business
[9:03] Sharebear Watson: sorry for bothering you
[9:04] Amanda Amaterasu: You're not bothering me... you just went into TMI territory
[9:05] Amanda Amaterasu: But then again, since you're naked in an orgy room, you probably have no problem sharing
[9:05] Amanda Amaterasu laughs
[9:07] Sharebear Watson: i gues
[9:07] Amanda Amaterasu: Why go nude anyway? Women like a sharp dressed man.
[9:09] Sharebear Watson: because i'm dirty
[9:09] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, yes, we've established that
[9:10] Amanda Amaterasu: But it seems to me that going nude with a hard on is a bit... obvious
[9:10] Amanda Amaterasu: And women like men who pay attention to detail

At that point I crashed. Too bad, it could have gotten even funnier.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hey baby hey baby hey

There's something to be said for using a woman's name when speaking to her. One well placed, creative pet name while flirting can be exciting and sensual. Constant "hey baby" comments just make a male look like a leering jerk. That was the case with this guy.

[22:37] Iluvya Babii: You look incredible
[22:38] Amanda Amaterasu: Thank you
[22:38] Iluvya Babii: lol you dont EVEn see me lol;)
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: well?
[22:39] Amanda Amaterasu: Nope, I sure don't
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: LOLOL
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: Im sitting on the sofa baby
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: Behind you baby
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: ceom here... lemme look you over princess
[22:39] Amanda Amaterasu: I see you know
[22:40] Amanda Amaterasu: *now
[22:40] Iluvya Babii: so then come here sugar
[22:40] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[22:40] Iluvya Babii: lol why not baby?
[22:41] Amanda Amaterasu: Because I hate being called "baby", "princess", and "sugar" by strangers... only people who know me well may call me that
[22:41] Amanda Amaterasu: That's why
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: lolol
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: damn
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: sorry
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: didnt mena to offend you
[22:41] Amanda Amaterasu: Don't be sorry, just use my name... if I wanted to be called "baby" I'd have named myself that
[22:42] Iluvya Babii: lolol ok lolol
[22:42] Iluvya Babii: jesus
[22:42] Iluvya Babii: another angery female I see lol
[22:42] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm not angry at all
[22:42] Amanda Amaterasu: Just selective
[22:42] Amanda Amaterasu winks at you
[22:43] Iluvya Babii: right.. well its very attractive... have a great night
[22:43] Amanda Amaterasu: You too!