Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little darlin'

[18:21] BlueJay Way: hello darling
[18:21] Amanda Amaterasu: Who's darling?
[18:21] BlueJay Way: my haha
[18:22] Amanda Amaterasu: Your haha?
[18:22] Amanda Amaterasu is quite confused.
[18:22] BlueJay Way: lol
[18:22] BlueJay Way: but you have a nice dress
[18:23] Amanda Amaterasu: Thank you
[18:23] BlueJay Way: very sexy
[18:23] Amanda Amaterasu: Thank you
[18:23] BlueJay Way: were do you come from?
[18:23] Amanda Amaterasu: Second Life
[18:23] BlueJay Way: haha
[18:24] BlueJay Way: mmm I like your dance
[18:24] BlueJay Way: it makes me hot
[18:24] Amanda Amaterasu: It's not a dance, it's my animation override
[18:25] BlueJay Way: do you like play with me?
[18:25] Amanda Amaterasu: I prefer men who approach me fully clothed, even in a sex room, but thanks anyway.
[18:26] BlueJay Way: what are you do ther?
[18:26] BlueJay Way: here
[18:26] BlueJay Way: only looking cock?
[18:27] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, this may be a "free sex" room, but I like men who show a bit of pride and class
[18:27] Amanda Amaterasu: Men who run around with their cocks out, in my experience, aren't very interesting or skilled lovers
[18:28] BlueJay Way: I don`t knoww another rooms
[18:28] Amanda Amaterasu: I see you're fairly new... what else have you done in SL?
[18:28] BlueJay Way: my dutch room
[18:29] Amanda Amaterasu: You have a dutch room?
[18:29] BlueJay Way: and looking for some cloths
[18:29] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, yes, I see you haven't really found any
[18:29] BlueJay Way: yes i litty
[18:30] BlueJay Way: but i go
[18:30] BlueJay Way: have fun
[18:30] BlueJay Way: bye
[18:30] Amanda Amaterasu: You too!

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