Wednesday, November 5, 2008


[10:19] BadTypist Untie: hi
[10:20] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello BadTypist, how are you?
[10:20] BadTypist Untie: greay
[10:20] BadTypist Untie: great
[10:20] BadTypist Untie: n u
[10:20] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm sorry?
[10:20] Amanda Amaterasu: "n u"?
[10:21] BadTypist Untie: and you
[10:21] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thank you.
[10:21] BadTypist Untie: im trying this out 4 da first time wannz
[10:22] BadTypist Untie: a jion me
[10:23] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm sorry, but I don't understand you

I should note that BadTypist's profile stated, quite clearly, "NO RL", then proceeded to describe himself and give out several e-mail addresses.

1 comment:

Diceman Teardrop said...

Bless him....The poor chap obviously suffers from premature abbreviation hehe
Love the posts Amanda, please keep 'em coming!