Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes, looks matter

Sorry boys, I hate to be cruel, but your appearance really, truly matters. When we(and by "we" I mean the women of SL) have taken the time to pick out an outfit, select the perfect hair, put together the appropriate accessories, and you approach us with a default avatar, don't be surprised when we're not so interested in talking. You might think that this is just a game, but if you cared enough to download the client, log in, and make an attempt at conversation, you should care enough to make yourself look presentable. And if you don't care, why should we care?

Let me put it another way- you wouldn't go to a RL club or bar with messy hair or wearing dirty clothes, would you? And even if you did, and you hit on the hottest woman in the room, the one who spent hours putting herself together, you'd better be ridiculously charming to get her to look past your unkempt appearance. Unfortunately, there's a select few men who can pull that off in RL or in SL.

These men were not part of the select few.

[9:49] Freebie Freedom: Hi sexy girl ;)
[9:49] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello, please call me Amanda, my name is not "sexy girl"
[9:50] Freebie Freedom: nice Amanda :)
[9:50] Freebie Freedom: how are you ?
[9:50] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thanks
[9:50] Freebie Freedom: searching for fun here?
[9:50] Amanda Amaterasu: Perhaps
[9:51] Freebie Freedom: you're looking for a good guy ou good girl
[9:51] Amanda Amaterasu: I prefer men to women
[9:52] Freebie Freedom: well
[9:52] Freebie Freedom: often come here ?
[9:53] Amanda Amaterasu: Not really
[9:53] Freebie Freedom: me too
[9:54] Freebie Freedom: do you want to play ?
[9:54] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[9:55] Freebie Freedom: what a pity :(
[9:55] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, I'm going to be honest with you
[9:55] Amanda Amaterasu: I took time and a bit of money to look nice
[9:55] Amanda Amaterasu: I prefer men who do the same
[9:56] Freebie Freedom: ok Amanda it's your choice ;)
[9:56] Amanda Amaterasu: It certainly is
[9:56] Amanda Amaterasu smiles
[9:56] Freebie Freedom: have a good time Amanda
[9:56] Amanda Amaterasu: You too!
[9:56] Freebie Freedom: enjoy SL ;)

[9:28] Donald Default: hi Amanda (this was said in open chat)
[9:29] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello Donald, please use IM, how are you?
[9:30] Donald Default: i'm fine thx and u?
[9:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thank you
[9:30] Donald Default: may i say u look forbidden hot?
[9:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Forbidden hot?
[9:31] Amanda Amaterasu: Donald, IM please
[9:31] Donald Default: i like ur sexy curves
[9:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Thank you
[9:32] Donald Default: not thatfor ,just the truth lil lady
[9:32] Donald Default: wha t r u doinß
[9:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Standing here
[9:32] Donald Default: waitin for sumthing special?
[9:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Sure
[9:33] Donald Default: maybe u don't have to wait anymore;-)
[9:34] Amanda Amaterasu laughs
[9:34] Donald Default: u like to have sum nasty action?
[9:34] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[9:35] Donald Default: no problem
[9:37] Donald Default: bit sad cause u look so damn hot,but whatever u like
[9:38] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, I am going to be honest with you... I took time and a bit of money to look attractive, I like men who do the same
[9:38] Donald Default: i understand
[9:38] Donald Default: i'll gave my best in future

(I hand him a LM for Truth)

[9:39] Amanda Amaterasu: Try going to that store
[9:39] Amanda Amaterasu: Lots of good things for men and women there
[9:39] Donald Default: so i hope to meet u again when i'm in a betterv shape
[9:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Good luck!
[9:40] Donald Default: ;-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What passes for cybering in orgy rooms, pt. 3

I swear, some people are just trying to get into this blog. I really wish I'd caught what series of events lead up to this conversation.

(As with my previous post, the names are not being changed here. Again, in this instance, I simply don't see the point.)

[22:09] Susi DeSantis: and my asss hole tooo
[22:09] Susi DeSantis: baby
[22:09] Susi DeSantis: come on mmmmmhhhhh
[22:10] Eiro Diesel: im gonna fuck em both
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: aaahhhhh
[22:10] Eiro Diesel: mmm
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: ammmmmmmmmmm
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: yesss baby
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: harder
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
[22:10] Eiro Diesel: ok mm mm mm m m mm mm mm mm
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmhhhhh you're such a durty boy you fucker
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmmmmm
[22:10] Eiro Diesel: take that cock bitch
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: ahhhhhhh
[22:10] Eiro Diesel: oh yeah
[22:10] Susi DeSantis: aaaaahhhhhhh
[22:11] Susi DeSantis: baby
[22:11] Susi DeSantis: aaaaaaouuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwww
[22:11] Eiro Diesel: im gonna grab your hair and ride you
[22:11] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmmmmmmmm you know what I want
[22:11] Susi DeSantis: baby give it to me
[22:11] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmma
[22:11] Eiro Diesel: oh yake it
[22:11] Susi DeSantis: ahhhhhhhhh
[22:11] Eiro Diesel: mmm
[22:11] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmhhhhhhh
[22:11] Eiro Diesel: fuck yeah
[22:12] Susi DeSantis: oooooohhh myyyy gooooooooooodddd aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
[22:12] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[22:12] Susi DeSantis: baby you're so hard
[22:12] Susi DeSantis: aaaahhh
[22:12] Eiro Diesel: mmm oh yeah so wet
[22:12] Susi DeSantis: it hurttttssss aaaaahhh I love it
[22:12] Susi DeSantis: baby yeah
[22:13] Eiro Diesel: good take it baby oh yeah
[22:13] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmhhhhhhhhh
[22:13] Susi DeSantis: aaaah hh baby mmmmmmmm
[22:13] Eiro Diesel: mmm
[22:13] Susi DeSantis: fuck me baby
[22:13] Susi DeSantis: fuck me harder
[22:13] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmhhaaaaaaaaaaaa
[22:13] Eiro Diesel: im pounding that pussy
[22:13] Susi DeSantis: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
[22:13] Susi DeSantis: yesssssss
[22:14] Susi DeSantis: aaaaaaouuuuuuuuu
[22:14] Susi DeSantis: baby yeaahhhhhh
[22:14] Susi DeSantis: ouuuuuuaaahahhwwww
[22:14] Eiro Diesel: grabbing your tits
[22:14] Eiro Diesel: mmm
[22:14] Eiro Diesel: out yeah
[22:14] Susi DeSantis: baby hurt meee
[22:14] Susi DeSantis: aaaahhhhhh
[22:14] Susi DeSantis: yessssss
[22:14] Eiro Diesel: oh yeah
[22:14] Eiro Diesel: pull your hair
[22:15] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhaaaa aaaahhh
[22:15] Susi DeSantis: love it aaaaouhhhhh
[22:15] Susi DeSantis: ouufffffffffffff mmmmmmmm
[22:15] Eiro Diesel: oh yeah baby
[22:15] Eiro Diesel: mmm
[22:15] Susi DeSantis: yeah lick me you bastard mmmmmhhhh
[22:15] Eiro Diesel: im about to cum
[22:15] Susi DeSantis: me toooo baby
[22:15] Susi DeSantis: ahhhhhhhhhh
[22:15] Eiro Diesel: mmm here goes baby
[22:15] Susi DeSantis: come onnnnn mmmmmmmmm
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: aaaaaaah
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: aaaaaaaaah aaaaaahhh
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: aaaaaahhhhhh aaaahhh
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: aahhhh
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: ahahhhhhhhhhhh
[22:16] Eiro Diesel: oh oh oh mmmm oh yeah mmmm yes! mmmm OOOHHHH,....
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: ahhhh oooo baby
[22:16] Eiro Diesel: mmm
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: see you later sweety
[22:16] Susi DeSantis: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Friday, September 19, 2008

What passes for cybering in orgy rooms, part 2

Normally I do not use real names in these posts. I feel that discretion is always best, even though I am discussing public sex acts. However, I simply must make an exception in this case.

I filtered out all of the irrelevant conversation, but to be honest the room was oddly quiet when this exchange happened. I suspect that most of the others were doubled over in laugher like I was. I don't know if I should pity the couple in this particular hookup, or thank them for making my evening so entertaining.

[18:58] liljonny555 Contepomi: get down again
[18:58] Beyond Moonites: mmm
[18:59] liljonny555 Contepomi: Take it!
[18:59] Beyond Moonites: god yes
[18:59] liljonny555 Contepomi: Can u handle this?
[18:59] liljonny555 Contepomi: Take it all!
[18:59] Beyond Moonites: mm bby give it to me
[19:00] liljonny555 Contepomi: *sticks it deep* *Grunts* Take it!
[19:00] Beyond Moonites: mmmm
[19:00] liljonny555 Contepomi: ooooooooh!!!
[19:00] liljonny555 Contepomi: Give me more access, take ur shit off
[19:01] liljonny555 Contepomi: so how u like baby??
[19:01] Beyond Moonites: mmm i love it
[19:02] Beyond Moonites: mmm follow me

(they go to a new poseball)

[19:01] liljonny555 Contepomi: so how u like baby??
[19:01] Beyond Moonites: mmm i love it
[19:02] Beyond Moonites: mmm follow me
[19:03] Beyond Moonites: mmmmyes
[19:03] liljonny555 Contepomi: getting nughtier
[19:03] liljonny555 Contepomi: *slams harder*
[19:03] Beyond Moonites: mmm fuck me
[19:03] liljonny555 Contepomi: Yes baby, your so tight
[19:03] Beyond Moonites: mmm
[19:04] liljonny555 Contepomi: *moans*Grunts* mmmmmmmm
[19:04] Beyond Moonites: mmmmfuck me hard
[19:04] liljonny555 Contepomi: Do u want it deeper baby?
[19:04] Beyond Moonites: fuck yes
[19:05] liljonny555 Contepomi: *pulling on hair* Yes!! im gonna fuck u harder
[19:05] Beyond Moonites: god mmm aw yes!
[19:05] Beyond Moonites: fuck me
[19:06] liljonny555 Contepomi: *slams harder*say my name!!!!!
[19:06] Beyond Moonites: fuck me jonny! fuck me
[19:07] liljonny555 Contepomi: oh god, yes, im about to cum. Keep it up baby *oh yea*
[19:07] Beyond Moonites: mmm
[19:07] Beyond Moonites: cum fo me
[19:08] liljonny555 Contepomi: where do u want me to cum on u *cant hold it any longer
[19:08] Beyond Moonites: in me babe
[19:08] liljonny555 Contepomi: *cums inside
[19:08] Beyond Moonites: mmm yes
[19:09] liljonny555 Contepomi: ohhh, that felt so good.
[19:09] liljonny555 Contepomi: u were awesome babe
[19:09] liljonny555 Contepomi: wanna go somewhere else

She tp'ed out at that point.

liljonny had previously been approached by a particularly pushy escort of the "u pay me now kthx" school, and I bet he was feeling pretty proud of himself that he got free sex.

If ever there were two people that desperately needed to read The Art of Giving Good Text, it was Beyond and liljonny.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What passes for cybering in orgy rooms (a small taste)

Based on my previous entries, it seems that very little sex actually happens in orgy rooms. This is pretty much the case, but when sex actually happens, the results are always hilarious. I don't know what's funnier... orgy roomers who jump on the poseballs and think "mmmmm" is enough, or people who try to do more and fail.

The following was an exchange I witnessed today between a "master" and a "sub".

[10:44] Lord Darkmoor: i am here
[10:44] lilone Sands: where do you want me master
[10:44] Lord Darkmoor: let me see
[10:45] Lord Darkmoor: follow

(they take a moment to hop on the poseball)

[10:46] lilone Sands: oh master
[10:46] lilone Sands: how good you make my pussy feel
[10:46] lilone Sands: i have missed your cock
[10:47] Lord Darkmoor: i missed ur pussy
[10:47] lilone Sands: scrub my pussy clean
[10:47] lilone Sands: it is soo dirty
[10:47] Lord Darkmoor: u nasty little......
[10:47] Lord Darkmoor: give it to me

At this point they got quiet. I think they knew I was watching and judging them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's not just men behaving badly

Now, based on my previous blogs, one would assume that only men dare to enter the orgy rooms along with a few intrepid women. The truth is that many women do go to the orgy rooms. The majority of them are escorts of some sort. I'm not sure what drives these escorts to the orgy rooms- yes, there are many available men who seek sex, but very few of these escorts offer anything that the orgy roomers think they can't get for free easily. This is something I'll elaborate on at a later date.

Another large group of women who go to the orgy rooms are lesbians. Now, I generally assume that any female avatar with a poorly designed avatar running around naked begging anyone to fuck her is likely a real life man. I also assume that any female avatar who runs to the orgy rooms to get her lesbian freak on is likely a real life man wanting to act out a fantasy. However, for the sake of the other players, I am happy to treat people as the way they present themselves.

Today I planted myself and I seemed to be approached by more than the normal number of lesbians. A couple backed off when I clearly stated I'm not into women, but these two were of particular interest. The first slammed right into me and pushed me a few feet before speaking.

[8:38] hotgyrl Sappho: hi
[8:38] Amanda Amaterasu: Hi... let me make this easy for you... I'm not into women.
[8:39] hotgyrl Sappho: how are you
[8:39] hotgyrl Sappho: do you like girl or boy??
[8:39] Amanda Amaterasu: Allow me to repeat myself
[8:39] Amanda Amaterasu: Hi... let me make this easy for you... I'm not into women.
[8:39] hotgyrl Sappho: do you like girl or boy??
[8:39] Amanda Amaterasu blinks
[8:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Again
[8:40] Amanda Amaterasu: For the third time
[8:40] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm
[8:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Not
[8:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Into
[8:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Women

The second seemed to think I was an escort. I'm not sure how she got this idea... I really do dress nicely when I go to orgy rooms!

[8:53] Sweetie Sweetwater: hi
[8:54] Sweetie Sweetwater: how i pay for sex whit you?
[8:54] Amanda Amaterasu: Just click my avatar and click pay
[8:54] Sweetie Sweetwater: ok but how?
[8:54] Amanda Amaterasu: Right click on my avatar
[8:55] Amanda Amaterasu: Click Pay
[8:55] Amanda Amaterasu: Put in an amount
[8:55] Amanda Amaterasu: Then click ok
[8:55] Sweetie Sweetwater: mmm ok

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What we have here is a failure to communicate

I am aware that not everyone in SL speaks English as a first (or second, or third) language. With that being said, there's no excuse for poor grammar if one is going to type.

[10:36] l33t Lolcat: hi hows u
[10:37] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thank you, how are you?
[10:37] l33t Lolcat: not 2bad thanxs looking sexy there
[10:37] Amanda Amaterasu: Thanks
[10:37] l33t Lolcat: wot u up2
[10:38] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm sorry, what did you ask me?
[10:38] l33t Lolcat: wot u doing
[10:38] Amanda Amaterasu: Sorry? What does "wot u" mean?
[10:38] l33t Lolcat: as in wot u doing here
[10:39] Amanda Amaterasu: I still don't understand you
[10:39] Amanda Amaterasu: What does "wot" mean?
[10:39] Amanda Amaterasu: I've never seen that word
[10:39] l33t Lolcat: it means like u here 4 fun and things like that
[10:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Wait
[10:40] Amanda Amaterasu: When you typed "wot u up2"
[10:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Did you mean "What are you up to?"
[10:40] l33t Lolcat: yup
[10:40] Amanda Amaterasu: So why didn't you just type it properly?
[10:40] Amanda Amaterasu: Not everyone understands chat speak
[10:40] Amanda Amaterasu: But everyone understands proper spelling and grammar
[10:41] l33t Lolcat: kk soz
[10:41] Amanda Amaterasu: I didn't understand that
[10:41] Amanda Amaterasu: Please understand that I'm older than 29
[10:41] l33t Lolcat: ok sorry
[10:41] Amanda Amaterasu: So I'm not exactly down with the lingo
[10:41] Amanda Amaterasu: If you don't type properly, I'm going to have to ask you to translate again
[10:41] Amanda Amaterasu laughs
[10:42] l33t Lolcat: ok what you up to
[10:42] Amanda Amaterasu: Not much, just hanging out
[10:43] l33t Lolcat: ok

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No means no. No, really, no means no.

Making my normal rounds of the orgy rooms, I've noticed that today they've been oddly quiet. I suppose this means that the regulars have returned to middle school and they can't access SL in their classrooms.

I guess that's why the guys who approached me today had a bit more of an... assertive approach.

The first conversation happened in Cupidus.

[7:30] Letshavefun Now: hey
[7:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello
[7:30] Letshavefun Now: great lokk
[7:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Thanks
[7:31] Letshavefun Now: wanna fun together miss?
[7:31] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[7:31] Letshavefun Now: what are you looking here
[7:32] Amanda Amaterasu: I'll know when/if I find it
[7:32] Letshavefun Now: girl?
[7:32] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[7:32] Letshavefun Now: well you find me
[7:32] Letshavefun Now: :)
[7:33] Amanda Amaterasu: You're not really what I'm looking for though
[7:33] Letshavefun Now: what kind of ava u look
[7:33] Amanda Amaterasu: It's not the type of avatar, it's the type of personality
[7:33] Amanda Amaterasu: The avatar is important, don't get me wrong
[7:34] Amanda Amaterasu: And I realize that this is "Free Sex Empire"
[7:34] Amanda Amaterasu: But being asked for "fun" right away is a turn off
[7:34] Letshavefun Now: u have right
[7:35] Letshavefun Now: wanna free sex ?
[7:35] Amanda Amaterasu: No

I naively assumed that "I'll know when/if I find it" would be his clue that I wasn't interested in Letshavefun. Apparently, no, that was his cue to keep trying. Third time's the charm, I suppose.

The room was going to experience a region restart, so I left and went to another den of iniquity. Within seconds, I was spanked by some random guy. I was about to walk away when...

[7:46] Spanker McGee: ahaha just had to spank your cute butt.
[7:46] Amanda Amaterasu: Jeez, that's just as bad as the unsolicited vampire bites
[7:47] Spanker McGee: haahhaha
[7:48] Spanker McGee: bites transform you. a little spank does not
[7:48] Spanker McGee: lol
[7:48] Amanda Amaterasu: They're equally annoying, and I did not consent to being spanked
[7:48] Spanker McGee: true, but its a sexroom afterall. you can expect it.
[7:49] Spanker McGee: but i wont do it anymore
[7:49] Amanda Amaterasu: Actually, no, I don't expect it, most men at least have the decency to approach me and attempt to engage me in conversation. They don't assume it's ok to spank someone

While I was speaking to Spanker, I was accosted by a nude man from across the room. Now, I'm all for personal space; I don't enjoy having my toes stepped on. With that being said, the IMs from across the room give the impression that the guy is looking for some random hole to fuck, and not in any particular woman. Guys, if you're going to approach a woman anywhere, at least make some kind of attempt to be in her immediate view.

[7:47] Spacey Looker: hi
[7:47] Spacey Looker: how are you?
[7:47] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thanks, and you?
[7:47] Spacey Looker: fine, thank you
[7:48] Spacey Looker: are you here looking for some fun?
[7:48] Amanda Amaterasu: Perhaps
[7:49] Spacey Looker: i think the upper floor is closed
[7:49] Spacey Looker: but i think i can go there anyways
[7:49] Spacey Looker: wanna come with me?
[7:49] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[7:49] Spacey Looker: we will be alone
[7:50] Amanda Amaterasu: That's ok
[7:51] Spacey Looker: do you want a tp?
[7:51] Amanda Amaterasu: No

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If we're not going to have RL sex...

why on earth would I care about your RL cock size?

[12:01] Mr Big: hey there
[12:01] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello
[12:02] Mr Big: how are you doing
[12:03] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thanks, and you?
[12:06] Mr Big: good good you are lookin hot
[12:06] Amanda Amaterasu: Thanks
[12:06] Mr Big: wanna go somewher private?
[12:07] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[12:08] Mr Big: =(
[12:08] Mr Big: 9 inch
[12:08] Amanda Amaterasu nods
[12:09] Mr Big: you like?
[12:09] Amanda Amaterasu: I like what?
[12:09] Mr Big: the 9
[12:10] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm more concerned about the total package. I can buy a nine inch dildo
[12:10] Mr Big: what else ya need for package? lol
[12:11] Mr Big: i got a monsterous penis. real is so much better then dildo you need to experience it i think
[12:11] Amanda Amaterasu: Look, I'm going to level with you. I'm not really interested in sex with men who are seeking a hole to fuck. I get the sense that is what you're looking for. So I'm not going to waste your time.
[12:12] Mr Big: i just lookin for a good time
[12:12] Mr Big: what you doing here then?
[12:12] Amanda Amaterasu: Mostly I go just for laughs, and to help the occasional newbie.
[12:12] Amanda Amaterasu: But I'm not interested in being a fucktoy.
[12:13] Mr Big: never wanted to have a fucktoy
[12:13] Mr Big: just wanted two peopleto have a great fuck
[12:13] Amanda Amaterasu: It takes more than a nine inch dick to interest me.
[12:14] Mr Big: what else interests you? ya most people 9 inch dont interesest them it amazing them
[12:15] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, I've had sex before, so penis size isn't the most important thing to me.
[12:15] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm interested in someone who is creative, witty, and good with his words.

I guess that wasn't him.