Thursday, November 6, 2008

No, you're never gonna get it.

Full disclosure time: I have an alt who appears to be more... available than others. I don't take noobishness from anyone regardless of which guise I appear in when I'm at an orgy room. However, I am prepared to deal with the more direct requests and comments that I get when I'm on this particular alt.

[9:24] Slipknot Childsplay: hey how would you like a nice cock in your tight wet pussy?
[9:24] Slipknot Childsplay: Or maybe you just like to have it in your mouth?
[9:24] Amanda Amaterasu: Did you read my profile?
[9:25] Slipknot Childsplay: yes
[9:25] Amanda Amaterasu: Good
[9:25] Slipknot Childsplay: uh so...........
[9:26] Amanda Amaterasu: So where's your AO? And, by the way, your shoes are missing.
[9:27] Slipknot Childsplay: i dont need an ao to make u fuckin scream
[9:27] Amanda Amaterasu: I like men who pay attention to detail.
[9:28] Amanda Amaterasu: The fact that you're wearing a shoe base without shoes, lack an AO, and think that "you" is spelled "u" shows me that you do not pay attention to detail.
[9:29] Slipknot Childsplay: u dont need detail to get ure pussy wet
[9:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Yes, I do
[9:30] Slipknot Childsplay: u dont need to b fuck by a god or sumpin
[9:31] Slipknot Childsplay: u cant handle what i pac in my punch
[9:31] Amanda Amaterasu: Um.
[9:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Can you please type properly?
[9:32] Slipknot Childsplay: ill rip u apart in one push
[9:32] Slipknot Childsplay: bitch
[9:32] Amanda Amaterasu: No offense, but have you ever had sex before? I won't judge you if you haven't.
[9:33] Slipknot Childsplay: ha i cant remember the times ive had so much
[9:33] Amanda Amaterasu: I'll take that as a no.
[9:33] Amanda Amaterasu smiles
[9:33] Slipknot Childsplay: eyr xs
[9:33] Slipknot Childsplay: ndu
[9:34] Slipknot Childsplay: da
[9:36] Slipknot Childsplay: u cant handle
[9:37] Amanda Amaterasu: You're right, I can't handle your poor spelling and grammar. That's one of the reasons we're not going to fuck.
[9:38] Slipknot Childsplay: go fuck ureself cause thats the only dick ure gonna get plastic
[9:40] Amanda Amaterasu: A plastic dick would satisfy me better than you.
[9:40] Amanda Amaterasu: So thanks!
[9:41] Slipknot Childsplay: fuck of
[9:41] Amanda Amaterasu thinks you meant to say "Fuck off."
[9:41] Amanda Amaterasu: "Fuck of" doesn't make sense.
[9:42] Amanda Amaterasu: If you were in school like you're supposed to be right now, you would know that.


Darkstone said...

Very funny. Your responses are highly entertaining in both this and the previous posts.

You deserve more comments, so here is mine...just so you know you are appreciated.

Your insistence on complete English, however, is likely to prove an impediment to achieving 'toon-gasm. Perhaps you shoul try a session in which you insist on latin - that might aso be a source of merriment.

Amanda Amaterasu said...

Darkstone, if only I spoke any Latin other than pig! Then the real fun could begin!

I do sometimes pretend I don't understand chatspeak. ("hi how r u?" "'r u'? What does *that* mean?) Maybe I should attempt to correct someone's grammar with each sentence. Oooh, you're giving me ideas here!

Thank you for reading, Darkstone!