Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dressing for success

I was talking to a group member** the other day about the best way for those of us of the female persuasion to dress for the orgy rooms to maximize the amount of IMs received. Here's what I've found, via my many visits and experiments:

1) Having a completely default avatar can work with a new alt. You'll be sure to get plenty of "you're new around here, let me show you around baby" IMs. However, if you've been around the SL block a few times on a particular account, you'll likely be ignored as guys will assume you're one of them.

2) Save the Paper Couture for the ballrooms- orgy roomers won't talk to you if you're too dressed up. Most of them find glamazons to be intimidating.

3) Avoid obvious slutwear and bling- this is the uniform of cheap escorts. Nothing turns an orgy roomer off more than the idea of having to pay for sex.

4) Do wear a cute, flippy skirt- preferably a kilt or A-line skirt. I found some very cute skirts at Dutch Touch that orgy room guys seem to find irresistable.

5) If you've got a school girl uniform, wear it.

6) My group member tells me Ugg-style boots are good. I do not own Uggs, but leg warmers with sneakers or flat shoes seem to work just as well.

7) High heels are always a good bet if they're well crafted.

8) Nude or topless can work, but tends to attract the type of guy who is unable to carry on a conversation in any language. Unless you're prepared to deal with that type of attention, it's probably best to avoid that look.

9) When all else fails, be a neko.

For those of you who go to orgy rooms for the lulz, what do you wear to attract attention?

** There's a group for this blog? Yes! Just search "Men Behaving Badly" in groups and join! Or search me, Amanda Amaterasu... and join the group! I swear I won't spam you!


Good Ship Loli said...

Hahah, I don't usually drop by such places, but this list is awesome if you want free, fast cybering. :)

Amanda Amaterasu said...

People go to orgy rooms to cyber? I thought the guys just went there to run around naked with hard ons! Maybe I'll have to try hooking up with an orgy roomer one day... now *that* would be an interesting experience!

shippy said...

I find different AOs work too ... the Beaute from SEmotion? Nothing. Divine Girl from Vista? Ping ping ping.

But if all else fails: blonde hair, booty shorts.