Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No means no. No, really, no means no.

Making my normal rounds of the orgy rooms, I've noticed that today they've been oddly quiet. I suppose this means that the regulars have returned to middle school and they can't access SL in their classrooms.

I guess that's why the guys who approached me today had a bit more of an... assertive approach.

The first conversation happened in Cupidus.

[7:30] Letshavefun Now: hey
[7:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Hello
[7:30] Letshavefun Now: great lokk
[7:30] Amanda Amaterasu: Thanks
[7:31] Letshavefun Now: wanna fun together miss?
[7:31] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[7:31] Letshavefun Now: what are you looking here
[7:32] Amanda Amaterasu: I'll know when/if I find it
[7:32] Letshavefun Now: girl?
[7:32] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[7:32] Letshavefun Now: well you find me
[7:32] Letshavefun Now: :)
[7:33] Amanda Amaterasu: You're not really what I'm looking for though
[7:33] Letshavefun Now: what kind of ava u look
[7:33] Amanda Amaterasu: It's not the type of avatar, it's the type of personality
[7:33] Amanda Amaterasu: The avatar is important, don't get me wrong
[7:34] Amanda Amaterasu: And I realize that this is "Free Sex Empire"
[7:34] Amanda Amaterasu: But being asked for "fun" right away is a turn off
[7:34] Letshavefun Now: u have right
[7:35] Letshavefun Now: wanna free sex ?
[7:35] Amanda Amaterasu: No

I naively assumed that "I'll know when/if I find it" would be his clue that I wasn't interested in Letshavefun. Apparently, no, that was his cue to keep trying. Third time's the charm, I suppose.

The room was going to experience a region restart, so I left and went to another den of iniquity. Within seconds, I was spanked by some random guy. I was about to walk away when...

[7:46] Spanker McGee: ahaha just had to spank your cute butt.
[7:46] Amanda Amaterasu: Jeez, that's just as bad as the unsolicited vampire bites
[7:47] Spanker McGee: haahhaha
[7:48] Spanker McGee: bites transform you. a little spank does not
[7:48] Spanker McGee: lol
[7:48] Amanda Amaterasu: They're equally annoying, and I did not consent to being spanked
[7:48] Spanker McGee: true, but its a sexroom afterall. you can expect it.
[7:49] Spanker McGee: but i wont do it anymore
[7:49] Amanda Amaterasu: Actually, no, I don't expect it, most men at least have the decency to approach me and attempt to engage me in conversation. They don't assume it's ok to spank someone

While I was speaking to Spanker, I was accosted by a nude man from across the room. Now, I'm all for personal space; I don't enjoy having my toes stepped on. With that being said, the IMs from across the room give the impression that the guy is looking for some random hole to fuck, and not in any particular woman. Guys, if you're going to approach a woman anywhere, at least make some kind of attempt to be in her immediate view.

[7:47] Spacey Looker: hi
[7:47] Spacey Looker: how are you?
[7:47] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm fine, thanks, and you?
[7:47] Spacey Looker: fine, thank you
[7:48] Spacey Looker: are you here looking for some fun?
[7:48] Amanda Amaterasu: Perhaps
[7:49] Spacey Looker: i think the upper floor is closed
[7:49] Spacey Looker: but i think i can go there anyways
[7:49] Spacey Looker: wanna come with me?
[7:49] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[7:49] Spacey Looker: we will be alone
[7:50] Amanda Amaterasu: That's ok
[7:51] Spacey Looker: do you want a tp?
[7:51] Amanda Amaterasu: No

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