Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Because sometimes they're rude, not stupid

As the late great Lillie Yifu used to say, offered without comment:

[16:12] Lovegod Lewis: Well, I read your profile, thought it over, and I think I may want to know you.
[16:12] Amanda Amaterasu smiles
[16:12] Lovegod Lewis: {loves her smile]
[16:12] Lovegod Lewis: [Loves her body]
[16:13] Lovegod Lewis: lol
[16:13] Lovegod Lewis: I got a smile
[16:13] Lovegod Lewis: Di I get a hello?
[16:13] Lovegod Lewis: DO
[16:13] Amanda Amaterasu: Sure. Hello.
[16:14] Lovegod Lewis: [sorry]
[16:14] Lovegod Lewis: Good
[16:14] Lovegod Lewis: So, having broken the ice, I presume I need to cay something clever
[16:14] Lovegod Lewis: [lat me think.....]
[16:14] Lovegod Lewis: damn my spelling
[16:16] Lovegod Lewis: Do you have a favorite place where we might get away from the, uh-hum, crowd?
[16:16] Amanda Amaterasu: Not really
[16:16] Lovegod Lewis: IC
[16:16] Lovegod Lewis: OK
[16:17] Lovegod Lewis: maybe this isnt such a good idea then.
[16:17] Amanda Amaterasu: Sorry... you're not really what I'm looking for... but good luck and enjoy!
[16:17] Lovegod Lewis: Its OK baby 'cause your not what im lookin for either.
[16:18] Amanda Amaterasu: No problem, bye!
[16:19] Lovegod Lewis: asshole
[16:20] Amanda Amaterasu falls down laughing.
[16:20] Amanda Amaterasu: Now, there's no need for that. I'm not the only woman here. So just move on and enjoy your day.
[16:21] Lovegod Lewis: you think you are the first stuck up girl to make herself feel important by prick teasing in the free sex room?
[16:21] Amanda Amaterasu: Simmer down now.
[16:22] Lovegod Lewis: leave you baggage in rl
[16:22] Amanda Amaterasu: I think you need to shut off your computer, take a deep breath, skip through some daisies or something. There's no reason why I should hit such a nerve.

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