Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I don't even get a "hello"?

I realize that the noob sex rooms exist for noobs to have sex. And to make money off of said noobs. I know this. That doesn't mean that the standards for politeness go out the window when approaching someone.

And as this conversation progressed, I wondered if this is the SL equivalent of not being able to get it up? I mean, he didn't even make a cursory attempt to attempt to seduce me when I asked.

[11:23] Mister Personality: hi how about us using these balls
[11:24] Amanda Amaterasu: To do what?
[11:24] Mister Personality: well the last time it was for sex
[11:24] Amanda Amaterasu: Oh
[11:24] Amanda Amaterasu: Well, why would I want to do that with you, instead of with another guy?
[11:25] Mister Personality: because i am very very good and i need to be with you and nobody else
[11:26] Amanda Amaterasu: Are you very, very good? Or are you just going to mount a ball and type "mmmmmm"?
[11:26] Mister Personality: try me lol i don't do Mmmm

(at this point he removed his pants and hopped on the nearest poseball.)

[11:26] Amanda Amaterasu: OK, prove it.
[11:26] Amanda Amaterasu: With your words.
[11:26] Amanda Amaterasu: If you're good, you don't need a poseball.
[11:27] Mister Personality: I know but it helps set the scene
[11:27] Amanda Amaterasu: You seem like a smart guy. Try setting the scene without poseballs.
[11:28] Mister Personality: ok normally i would just do it but its been a long day and i need to relax a bit so will you be here later so i can give you my full attention
[11:29] Amanda Amaterasu: Perhaps I will, perhaps I will not. But since I thought you were in the mood for sex, I guess you are unable to set a scene without poseballs.
[11:29] Mister Personality: and my 'script' is geared to the position
[11:29] Amanda Amaterasu: Pity. It could have been fun.


fiona said...

oh Amanda!!! I laughed so hard when I read your blog!!! I'm also in SL, and although I didn't frequent orgy rooms, I would often be approached for sex in dance clubs. I would play them along, just like you, but my friend has to take the prize, for agreeing sex in IM, telling the man to strip ready for her and she would tp him. He willingly took off his clothes and attached his "free penis" (lol) she flew to a height where a flight band was needed, which was right above a church doing an open ar service, and tp'd him in. He immediately dropped, stark naked, into the congregation and never bothered her again!

Amanda Amaterasu said...

Hi Fiona! Thank you for reading! I think your friend just gave me a great idea for dealing with the "freenis" guys. The guys who hit on you in clubs and orgy rooms might not be too concerned about being naked in a church, but I think the guys who hit on you in stores might get unnerved. **laughs**