Sunday, August 10, 2008

The first post, and hopefully not the last

Hello, my name is Amanda. Despite my youthful appearance in Second Life, I've actually been playing for approximately 18 months. I enjoy most of the same things that you do. I love shopping and have a stuffed virtual closet to prove it. I have lots of great friends from all over the world. I go to clubs, attempt to make stuff, and I've done a bit of modelling here and there.

But my favorite pastime in Second Life is going to orgy rooms.

For those of you not in the know, orgy rooms are the saddest and most hilarious places in Second Life. You'd think a 24 hour sex party would be, you know, erotic, or at the very least, a sexy good time. Instead, very little sex actually happens in these rooms. Sure, there will be cheap "escorts" who sell sex for as little as a linden per minute. There will be exhibitionist noobs in poorly designed avatars demanding that every woman they see give it up for free, including voice and cam. But there is very little sex that happens in the orgy rooms.

So what keeps me coming back to these places? It's certainly not for the promise of free sex with someone who's probably 14 years old in real life, or 50 years old and married, or with a "lesbian" who's a real life man getting his kink on. No, it's the hours of painfully funny conversations I've had with strange horny men that keep me coming back again and again. I've kept the best ones. I've shared them with friends. And now I plan to share them with you.

All names will be changed to protect the innocent, the not-so-innocent, and the just plain weird. Hopefully, I'll get some reader submissions as well, and we all can enjoy.

And for you gentlemen out there, if you recognize yourself in any of these conversations... remember, with free sex, you get what you pay for.


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