Friday, August 15, 2008

Beggars can't be choosers

Let me preface this by saying that I am not an escort. However, if a man is going to make ridiculous, illiterate demands, I feel that I can make ridiculous demands as well.

[12:29] Bald Illiterate: came suck me
[12:30] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm sorry, is that supposed to be in English?
[12:30] Bald Illiterate: lol
[12:30] Bald Illiterate: my english is not the best
[12:30] Amanda Amaterasu: So I noticed.
[12:31] Bald Illiterate: suck me a little?
[12:31] Amanda Amaterasu: And what are you going to do for me?
[12:31] Bald Illiterate: everything that you want
[12:31] Amanda Amaterasu: Great, let's go shoe shopping.
[12:32] Bald Illiterate: but first you suck me
[12:32] Amanda Amaterasu: No, first you buy me shoes.
[12:32] Bald Illiterate: no
[12:32] Bald Illiterate: suck first
[12:32] Amanda Amaterasu: Then I can't give you a blow job, sorry.

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