Friday, October 3, 2008

Hey baby hey baby hey

There's something to be said for using a woman's name when speaking to her. One well placed, creative pet name while flirting can be exciting and sensual. Constant "hey baby" comments just make a male look like a leering jerk. That was the case with this guy.

[22:37] Iluvya Babii: You look incredible
[22:38] Amanda Amaterasu: Thank you
[22:38] Iluvya Babii: lol you dont EVEn see me lol;)
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: well?
[22:39] Amanda Amaterasu: Nope, I sure don't
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: LOLOL
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: Im sitting on the sofa baby
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: Behind you baby
[22:39] Iluvya Babii: ceom here... lemme look you over princess
[22:39] Amanda Amaterasu: I see you know
[22:40] Amanda Amaterasu: *now
[22:40] Iluvya Babii: so then come here sugar
[22:40] Amanda Amaterasu: No
[22:40] Iluvya Babii: lol why not baby?
[22:41] Amanda Amaterasu: Because I hate being called "baby", "princess", and "sugar" by strangers... only people who know me well may call me that
[22:41] Amanda Amaterasu: That's why
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: lolol
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: damn
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: sorry
[22:41] Iluvya Babii: didnt mena to offend you
[22:41] Amanda Amaterasu: Don't be sorry, just use my name... if I wanted to be called "baby" I'd have named myself that
[22:42] Iluvya Babii: lolol ok lolol
[22:42] Iluvya Babii: jesus
[22:42] Iluvya Babii: another angery female I see lol
[22:42] Amanda Amaterasu: I'm not angry at all
[22:42] Amanda Amaterasu: Just selective
[22:42] Amanda Amaterasu winks at you
[22:43] Iluvya Babii: right.. well its very attractive... have a great night
[22:43] Amanda Amaterasu: You too!

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